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Plectica is a publishing house focusing on research and cultural heritage.

Plectica has published over two hundred books of various genres across several territorial contexts, and across various disciplines, making this its fundamental value.

Founded in Salerno, Plectica Editrice has, especially in recent years, widened its horizons, with the aim of enhancing cultural energies and editorial potential, over national and international fields. The publishing house has collaborated with the Universities of Salerno, Siena, Rome, Naples and Verona, spreading European playwriters in Italy such as Juan Mayorga and Guillermo Heras.

The Stanze series of Plectica Editrice promotes editorial activities in the United Kingdom and Italy through a collection of international authors and interdisciplinary researches.

Last publication

Il giardino bruciato, Juan Mayorga

Corpi perduti, José Manuel Mora Ortiz
Omaggio a Piedigrotta Cangiullo, Ugo Piscopo
Santa Perpetua, Laila Pipoll
Dentro la terra, Paco Bezerra
L’ opera di periferia, Peppe Lanzetta
Le ali di Hermes, Pasquale De Cristofaro

Developing the theory of complexity, physicist Murray Gell-Mann invented the term plectica from the Greek world plecto, literally "intertwine garlands". For the American scientist, who won the Nobel prize in 1969, plectica defines the interdisciplinary analysis of the interrelations between simple elements and complex systems. So our logo is composed of surfaces, fast, complex, that like the different knowledge, intertwine to form a new figure. The logo, therefore, represents the hope that something new can emerge from a continuous search for diversity.


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